충북대학교 국가위기관리연구소 학술세미나

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    충북대학교 국가위기관리연구소 National Crisis & Emergency Management Research Institute in Chungbuk National University
  • 간기
  • 수록기간
    2006 ~ 2010
  • 주제분류
    사회과학 > 행정학
  • 십진분류
    KDC 350 DDC 351

2009 International Conference on Crisis and Emergency Management (33건)

Integrated Disaster Risk Management and Modern Emergency Management

Natural and Climate-related Disaster Management in China and India

Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Early Warning System

Psychological Contributions and Psychological Support Center

Disaster Education and Academic Curricula

Process Optimization and New Issues

Disaster Mitigation and Conflict Management

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Damage Assessment

Food Security and Its Improvement

New Terrorism and Narco-Terrorism

Security Systems and Improvement Strategy

Terrorism and Fire Service Policy

Performance and Crisis Management System

Financial Investment and Policy Network

Early Warning System and Disater Management

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