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    국가위기관리학회 The Korean Association for Crisis and Emergency Management
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    2009 ~ 2020
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    사회과학 > 행정학
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    KDC 350 DDC 351

2009 International Conference on Crisis and Emergency Manamement Proceedings (34건)

Integrated Disaster Risk Management and Modern Emergency Management

Natural and Climate-related Disaster Management in China and India

Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Early Warning System

2nd Section : Psychological Contributions and Psychological Support Center

2nd Section : Disaster Education and Academic Curricula

3rd Section : Process Optimization and New Issues

1st Section : Disaster Mitigation and Conflict Management

2nd Section : Cost-Benefit Analysis and Damage Assessment

3rd Section : Food Security and Its Improvement

4th Section : New Terrorism and Narco-Terrorism

1st Section : Security Systems and Improvement Strategy

2nd Section : Terrorism and Fire Service Policy

3rd Section : Performance and Crisis Management System

1st Section : Financial Investment and Policy Network

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