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The Qualitative Research of the Evaluation of the Practical Arts Subject Matter Based on Elaboration Theory


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The purpose of this study was to identify the necessity of evaluating the Practical Arts subject matter and to evaluate the Practical Arts subject matter. This study was conducted based on the qualitative research method with utilizing literature review, studying the elaboration theory with teachers, and evaluating the Practical Arts subject matter. There were 6 teachers involved with this study and all of them participated the 30 hours of seminar for studying the elaboration theory in 5 days and evaluated the Practical Arts subject matter for 12 hours of meeting in 4 days. Conclusions were made as follows: 1. The procedural organization was utilized for the organizing content in the Practical Arts subject matter; 2. It was not very everyday life related subject and idea in the electrics related chapter and it was hard for children to needling with a nonwoven fabric; 3. Contents of the sewing machine and the electrics related chapters were not familiar with children; 4. There were sufficient within-chapter review but none of cumulative review; 5. The procedural organization was used for the micro strategies for each idea; 6. There were enough of review, test items, synthesizers, analogies, and motivational components; 7. The ideas and the strategy components were separated and labeled right while there were several problems in formatting the Practical Arts subject matters.


  • 정남용 Chung, Nam Yong. 대구교육대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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