교원양성기관 ICT 활용 교육 교육과정 현황과 실태 분석


Analysis on the Curriculum about Education Using ICT at Teacher’s College


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It is required of various conditions to activate the education using ICT. The will and the ability of teachers are the most important things among them. It's available thing as manage the education using ICT efficiently and systematically through the curriculum of teacher's college. But, special emphasis is attached to the cultivation of information literacy at teacher's college until now. The present state of the curriculum of teacher's college is insufficient in fostering well-balanced basic ability required to preliminary teachers who should do the education using ICT in elementary and secondary school.We need to gather real data through synthetic inquiry and analysis how the education using ICT is being conducted in teahcer's college to find rational management plan of the curriculum about education using ICT.According to these requirements, in this study we aimed to collect basic curriculum data related to the educatin using ICT at the university of education and the college of education and to analyze the present status. Also, we intended to find the real state and the problems of education using ICT at teacher's college based on the opinion survey of elementary and secondary teachers.


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