한국 예능 방송 자막 유형별 한-영 번역 양상 연구


A Study on the Translation of English Subtitles by Subtitle Type in Korean Entertainment Programs

이태석, 정혜인, 주희수, 김순영

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With YouTube rapidly emerging as a significant media platform, foreign viewers can easily access Korean entertainment programs. Despite the growing importance of translating entertainment show subtitles on YouTube, there are gaps in research on this subject. This study aimed at categorizing subtitles used in Korean entertainment shows based on their functional features drawing upon related studies on subtitles and analyzing the differences in the translation strategies. Domestic broadcasters are providing translated videos of entertainment programs through their official YouTube channels. Among the entertainment broadcasting videos uploaded to the official YouTube channels of broadcasters such as KBS, SBS, and tvN, videos with English subtitles of less than 15 minutes were used for analysis. Subtitle types were classified into three: basic information delivery, producer’s opinion presentation, and performer’s utterance. Translated subtitles were performing their original functions in terms of delivering content. However, they still have limitations. Above all, there were cases where information was omitted due to spatial constraints. Also, since it was not possible to fit all subtitles on one screen shot, it was presented in two shots to speed up the conversion of subtitles in some cases. These eventually hinder the viewer's understanding of the content, so more efficient translation strategies need to be developed.


1. 들어가며
2. 영상 번역과 예능 방송 자막
2.1 영상 번역
2.2 예능 방송 자막의 특성 및 유형
2.3 관련 해외 연구 동향
3. 분석대상 및 분석방법
3.1 분석 대상 소개
3.2 분석방법
4. 자막 유형 별 사례분석
4.1 기본적 정보 전달형
4.2 제작진 의견 제시형
4.3 출연자 발화 자막
5. 맺는말


  • 이태석 Lee, Taeseok. 동국대, 서울
  • 정혜인 Jeong, Hyein. 동국대, 서울
  • 주희수 Ju, Heesu. 동국대, 서울
  • 김순영 Kim, Soonyoung. 동국대, 서울


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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