샤론 드레이퍼의 『로미에와 훌리오』에 나타난 인종 간 로맨스와 다문화공동체


Interracial Romance and Multicultural Community in Sharon Draper’s Romiette and Julio


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The aim of this paper is to examine interracial romance and multicultural community represented in Sharon Draper’s Romiette and Julio. Firstly, this paper examines how interracial romance between Romiette Cappelle, an African female, and Julio Montague, a Hispanic male, causes bullying and violence by members of a black gang called ‘The Family’ or ‘the Devildogs’. The characters, contexts and settings represented in Draper’s Romiette and Julio are seen as realistic portrayal that shows the complexities of contemporary American classroom. The gang’s threat reflects the very similarity to what really goes on in high schools today and shows how the gang gains power and takes control of peers. Secondly, this paper also discusses how the couple continue their relationship and gain their power by overcoming their parents’ prejudices and the gang’s threats. Lastly, this paper also explores the possibility of Romiette and Julio as a multicultural problem-solving novel in contemporary classroom environment by examining how important role friends and community play in helping young couple develop their interracial romance.


I. 다문화 교육과 다문화 청소년소설
II. 다문화 로맨스 소설과 『로미에와 훌리오』
III. 『로미에와 훌리오』에 나타난 인종 간 로맨스
1. 인종 간 데이트와 집단 괴롭힘
2. 부모와의 갈등 및 해결
3. 인종 간 우정과 다문화 공동체
IV. 결론: 다문화 소설의 교육적 효과
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  • 정은숙 Jeong, Eunsook. 중앙대학교


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