전후 일본의 역사교육정책과 反평화주의


Japanese History Education Policy and Anti-pacifism after World War II


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This article has reviewed that pacifism of Japan after World War II has degenerated into anti-pacifism by the Government of history education policy. After World War II, history education policy in Japan is shown clearly in the course of study. Thus, this article analyzed educational goals and contents in detail from the first course of study on 1947 to the current course of study and looked at how the destruction of pacifism of Japan has gone after World War II. By this Japan has overcome anti-pacifism in East Asia and was looking for a way to become a true pacifism. First is teaching pacifism which is based on peace not violence, as history. Then a plan to overcome the anti-pacifism as members of civil society in East Asia will be found. Which the ultimate goal of history education should be and what should be taught to students are important than any others. And right way for history education is not by monopolized history education by government, but by various kinds of civil society, trying to make history education for peace. Finally, based on a critical reflection on anti-pacifism history education policy of the Japanese government reviewed in this paper, the history education policy of peace and coexistence should be the top priority of government. For history education policy to be changed to pacifism for peace, active participation of Japanese citizens, as sovereigns are needed preferentially. However, policies of current Japanese government and conservative right wing forces are exactly opposite to this trend. Also it is fact that nominal pacifism which comes from exemption for Tenno‘s responsibility for war after World War Ⅱ clearly exists. Furthermore, international condition of East Asia where anti-pacifist idea that revision of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution will play positive role in Northeast Asia's order is coexisting is also a task which should be overcame.


1. 머리말
 2. 패전 직후 ‘평화주의’와 역사교육
 3. 反평화주의적 역사교육의 부활
 4. 과제와 전망


  • 구경남 Ku, Kyeong-Nam. 단국대학교 교육대학원


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