청소년의 안전교육 필요성에 대한 인식이 소방안전의식에 미치는 영향 : 성격요인의 조절효과


Effects of Adolescents’ Perception of the Need for Safety Education on Fire Safety Awareness : The Control Effect of Personality Factors

이진경, 이재영, 임숙희

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This study attempted to explore how the perception of the necessity of safety education for adolescents affects fire safety consciousness and whether personality factors control the relationship. To this end, a survey was conducted at a high school in region C, and data of 1,049 people who agreed to the survey and responded faithfully were used for analysis. Hayes’ macro was used to analyze the moderating effect, and as a result of the analysis, adolescents’ awareness of the need for safety education increased, and their relationship was significantly regulated by extroversion, openness, and conscientiousness among the five personality factors. A simple regression line analysis was conducted to find out the specific direction, and it was found that the higher the need for safety education in both the group with high extroversion, openness, and conscientiousness, the higher the awareness of safety education. These results suggest that changes in educational methods and contents are needed to raise awareness of the necessity of education in fire safety education and to improve educational motivation, and that it may be helpful to actively utilize students’ personality strengths in education.


1. 서론
2. 연구방법
2.1 연구대상
2.2 측정도구
2.3 분석방법
3. 결과
3.1 기초통계분석
3.2 성격요인의 조절효과 검증
4. 결론 및 논의
5. References


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  • 이재영 Jai Young Lee. 건양사이버대학교 재난안전소방학과
  • 임숙희 Sook-hee Im. 건양사이버대학교 상담심리학과


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