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잎새버섯 신품종 ‘백연’ 균사배양 및 자실체 생육 특성


Mycelial growth and fruit body cultural characteristics of a new Grifola frondosa variety, ‘Bakyeon’

김정한, 최준영, 신복음, 최종인, 하태문, 김연진

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This study was conducted to reduce the phenomenon of the biased cultivation of certain mushroom varieties and to develop a competitive variety of Grifola frondosa. We developed the first Korean white commercial mushroom strain, ‘Bakyeon’, by crossing monokaryons derived from brown strains. We have collected and tested the characteristics of mushrooms from domestic and international genetic resources since 2018. We bred the unique domestic variety, ‘Bakyeon’, which has the following characteristics. The optimal temperature for mycelial growth was 25~28oC and the optimal temperature for fruit body growth was 16~18oC. The new variety was similar to the control variety (Daebak) in terms of the pileus, which formed a pine cone shape, and the number of days of cultivation. The yield was 94.1 g/bottle, which was 23% lower than the 108.5 g/bottle yield of the control variety. When incubating the parent and control varieties, the replacement line was clear. Moreover, polymerase chain reaction analysis of mycelial DNA resulted in different band patterns between the parent and control varieties, confirming the hybrid species.


서 론
재료 및 방법
종균제조 및 자실체 생육 특성 분석
유전적 다형성 분석
결과 및 고찰
적 요


  • 김정한 Jeong-Han Kim. 경기도농업기술원
  • 최준영 Jun-Yeong Choi. 경기도농업기술원
  • 신복음 Bok-Eum Shin. 경기도농업기술원
  • 최종인 Jong-In Choi. 경기도농업기술원
  • 하태문 Tai-Moon Ha. 경기도농업기술원
  • 김연진 Yeon-Jin Kim. 경기도농업기술원


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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