번역문학에서의 젠더 감수성 및 교육적 함의 — Anne of Green Gables 한국어 번역 비교·분석을 중심으로 —


Gender sensitivity in translated literature and educational implications : Focusing on the comparison and analysis of Korean translations of Anne of Green Gables.

마승혜, 김순영

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Gender sensitivity has recently emerged as one of the critical concepts for the spread of practical gender equality. In order to enhance gender sensitivity and confront implicit gender biases, continuous and long-term education on gender sensitivity is critical. Literature can serve as an effective as well as indirect channel for gender sensitivity education. In the same vein, translated literature can play its part in educating gender sensitivity as one of the sub-systems of the literature. Hence, this study analyzes and compares two Korean translations of Anne of Green Gables, one of the canonical novels for children and young adults. It turns out that the translation that is performed with enhanced gender sensitivity has fixed expressions that regard women as subordinates of men, discriminate women’s character or behavior, or belittle women. It is drawn from the analysis that the gender sensitivity can be better reflected in translation when translators keep in mind that literature performs educational function, translated literature is part of the literary system, and translators can have their own leeway in producing translation.


I. 서론
II. 선행연구 조사
1. 젠더 감수성에 관한 연구 동향
2. 문학을 통한 젠더 감수성 교육
3. 번역에서 젠더 감수성 구현 방식
III. 사례 분석
1. 『빨강머리 앤』 소개
2. 젠더 감수성이 반영된 『빨강머리 앤』 번역 사례
IV. 논의
V. 결론
참고 문헌


  • 마승혜 Mah, Seunghye. 동국대학교, 서울
  • 김순영 Kim, Soonyoung.. 동국대학교, 서울


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