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A Survey on the Consumer Preferences for Improving Retort Food Packaging of Samgyetang on Domestic Market in Korea

이명호, 김민휘, 이윤석

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We studied the consumer preference for the packaging of “Samgyetang” retort product in order to improve its function and design. A total of 319 eligible respondents (male 175, female 144) were surveyed with a questionnaire asking on the general characteristics for the preference of the packaging function, type of retort package, packaging design, convenience, cooking method of retort product and characteristics of “Samgyetang” retort product. The collected data was analyzed using a chi-square (X2) statistical test in SPSS program. The results showed that the retort packages with opacity and microwaveable types were preferred. Also, most respondents expressed that it needs to be improved for cooking convenience. Another question results showed that the consumers are considering the taste and cost of a product more important than the brand of its product when purchasing. Based on the results of the questionnaire, the study suggested that many consumers want the convenience of packaging and product protection for high value added product. The results help to provide consumer’s demand for packaging development and to provide the greatest advantages in terms of production and marketability of “Samgyetang” retort product.


연구 방법
1. 조사 대상 및 조사 방법
2. 설문지 구성
3. 자료의 통계처리
결과 및 고찰
1. 조사 대상자 특성
2. 레토르트 제품의 포장 구매 요소 중요도
3. 레토르트 삼계탕의 포장 형태 선호도
4. 레토르트 삼계탕 용기 디자인 선호도
5. 레토르트 제품 조리 방법 선호도
6. 레토르트 삼계탕 제품의 포장 개선사항 선호도
7. 포장 편의성 및 기능성 요소 선호도
8. 레토르트 삼계탕 제품 구매 요인 선호도
9. 레토르트 삼계탕 제품 용량 선호도
감사의 글


  • 이명호 Myungho Lee. 연세대학교 패키징학과
  • 김민휘 Minhwi Kim. 연세대학교 패키징학과
  • 이윤석 Youn Suk Lee. 연세대학교 패키징학과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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