물류센터 안전교육에 관한 연구 : 지게차 교육을 중심으로


A Study on the Safety Education of Logistics Center : Forklift Training Approach

김기홍, 정병현

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A forklift accident occurs in the logisitcs center. there are many kinds of accidents such as a casualty accident or a minor accident, etc. there are many other causes of accident, including poor visibility and habitual operational mistakes The result of the accident is the phenomenon of cutting, falling, scratching of the product. In the case of minor accidents, workers do not report accidents, so the occurrence of accidents is unknown. The customer receives the goods and then notifies them that they are defective product. After the product is returned, we can see that the forklift accident caused the problem of the product The result of the late response affects the image of the enterprise. In this study, we recognized the need for safety education to prevent accidents and found out which of the education items could raise awareness of safety. As result of the study, disinfection and forklift maneuverability regarding speed were mentioned as the most important items in education.


1. 서 론
2. 선행연구
2.1 안 전
2.2 안전교육
3. 연구모형
3.1 연구모형
3.2 연구분석
3.3 연구결과
4. 결 론
5. References


  • 김기홍 Ki Hong Kim. 우송대학교 초빙교수
  • 정병현 Byung Hyun Chung. 우송대학교 교수


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