산업유산기반 창의적 도시재생을 위한 융합디자인사고 체계와 사례 연구


The Fusion-Design-Thinking Frame for Industrial-legacy Based Creative Urban Regeneration, and the Use case


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The purpose of this study is to conceive thinking framework that will help anyone who is worried about urban regeneration come up with a creative idea and to confirm its applicability through case studies. With the design thinking method developed by engineers and entrepreneurs as starting points, a fusion-design-thinking framework that can be utilized in urban regeneration is proposed. The fusion-design-thinking frame is conceived with synthesizing between the characteristic demands of urban regeneration activation plan, the uniqueness of industrial-legacy and the process of design thinking. Next, in order to confirm the usefulness of the fusion-design-thinking framework, the process of the remodeling of the Goyang Aqua Studio, which transformed the closed-water-purification-plant into the special effect studio, was analyzed. Unlike case studies that focus on success factors or business outcomes, this study focuses on the background, reason, and ideation process that led to the idea of using the closed-water-purification-plant as a special effect studios. Goyang Aqua Studio was born as a result of addressing the utilization of the image of the closed-water-purification-plant, the characteristics of the physical facility, and the location factors as a means to energize the industrial ecosystem of broadcasting-image contents.


Ⅰ. 서론
Ⅱ. 이론적 고찰
1. 도시재생활성화계획의 주요 구성요소와 한계
2. 이전적지와 산업유산의 활용과 용도의 수렴
3. 창의적 융복합사고와 디자인씽킹(Design thinking)
III. 융합적 디자인 사고 체계
1. 융합적 디자인 사고 체계 모형
2. 융합적 디자인 사고체계 모형을 활용한 심층분석의 구조
IV. 고양아쿠아스튜디오 심층분석
1. 공감 : 이미지 X 참여 X 협력
2. 문제정의 : 참여 X 협력 X 시설 X 입지
3. 발상과 프로토타입 : 개방⋅탄력 X 시설 X 입지
4. 실험 : 개방⋅탄력 X 이미지
V. 결론 및 시사점


  • 조준혁 Jo, Joon Hyok. 고양지식정보산업진흥원 산업진흥본부장 도시계획학박사


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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