Session 4 : 서비스 경영

서비스품질요소를 활용한 레스토랑의 고객 선호도에 관한 연구


A Study on the Customer Preference of Restaurants Using Service Quality Factors

이희동, 김용범

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This study was conducted on the foundation of the previous research on determinants such as customer satisfaction and behavioral intention, along with the literature review and research on factors related to the service quality elements. We collected and analyzed the 185 materials by conducting the survey upon the customers who have previously visited the restaurants. As a result of the analysis, we identified that the elements of restaurant service quality have significant effects on the behavioral intention and satisfaction level of the customer through the customer satisfaction. In addition, by using KANO model, we investigated the qualities that attract the customers of the restaurant in order to establish the measures that will maximize the customer satisfaction. Also, to overcome the limitation of KANO model, we additionally analyzed the Better-Worse index. The results of the two quality evaluations were identical to each other, showing the need for improving the physical environment of the restaurant services. Accordingly, more interests and efforts to stimulate the behavioral intention of the restaurant are needed.


1. 서론
2. 레스토랑에서의 서비스 품질 및 고객만족
3. 행동의도
5. 실증분석
6. 결론


  • 이희동 Hukuoka Hamburger Steak Corp., CEO.
  • 김용범 Yong Beom Kim. Department of Airline Service, Korea National University of Transportation


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