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꽃송이버섯 병재배 적합 배지 개발


Development of suitable substrate of Sparassis latifolia for bottle cultivation

권희민, 이윤혜, 최종인, 전대훈, 이용선, 이영순, 김정한

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This study sought to identify the optimum substrate composition for the stable bottle cultivation of Sparassis latifolia. The main substrate was fermented larch sawdust. Six nutrient sources were mixed at a maximum volume ratio of 20%. The fresh weight of fruit body was the highest at 128.5 g for GMSL69033 and 126.6 g for ‘Neoul’ in the treatments of beet pulp and corn flour in a volume ratio of 15:5. In addition, the total cultivation period was 94 days, which was shorter than that required for other treatments. The selected substrate characteristics were pH 4.7, C:N (carbon to nitrogen) ratio of 106:4, moisture content of 70%, and air filling porosity of 38%. We plan to develop new income items through research on mycelial incubation and fruit body growth conditions.


서 론
재료 및 방법
시험균주 및 접종원 제조
배지제조 및 접종
배양 및 생육관리
배지 재료의 이화학성 및 혼합배지 처리별 물리성 분석
배양 및 생육 특성 조사
결과 및 고찰
배지재료 및 혼합배지의 이화학적 특성 분석
혼합배지의 균주별 배양 및 생육 기간 조사
혼합배지의 자실체 특성
적 요


  • 권희민 Hee-Min Gwon. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소
  • 이윤혜 Yun-Hae Lee. 국립농업과학원 토양비료과
  • 최종인 Jong-In Choi. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소
  • 전대훈 Dae-Hoon Jeon. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소
  • 이용선 Yong-seon Lee. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소
  • 이영순 Young-Soon Lee. 경기도농업기술원 환경농업과
  • 김정한 Jeong-Han Kim. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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