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병재배용 백색느타리 신품종 『백선』의 균사배양 및 생육특성


Mycelial and cultural characteristics of Pleurotus ostreatus 'Baekseon', a novel white cultivar for bottle culture

최종인, 이윤혜, 전대훈, 권희민, 이용선, 이영순

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Oyster mushrooms are an economically important crop, accounting for 35% of the total mushroom production in Korea. In this study, we developed a new cultivar of Pleurotus ostreatus, known as ‘Baekseon,’ which is characterized by a white pileus with a white stipe. It was bred by mating monokaryons isolated from white mutant oyster mushrooms that were naturally generated from ‘Gonji-7ho’ and ‘Wonhyeong-1ho’ at the Mushroom Research Institute, GARES, Korea in 2018. The optimum temperature for mycelial growth on potato dextrose agar medium was approximately 28-31 °C, and the optimum temperatures for primordia formation and growth of fruit bodies on sawdust media were 22 °C and 20 °C, respectively. The time required for the bottle-cultured mushrooms to complete spawn running, primordia formation, and growth of fruit bodies was 30 days, 4 days, and 4 days, respectively. The fruit bodies were bundle-shaped, the pilei were round type and white, and the stipes were white. The stipes were slender and longer than those of the control (‘Miso’). In the productivity test, the yield per bottle was 185 g/1100 mL, which was 45% greater than that of the control (‘Miso’). In the farm test, the yield per bottle for Farm A (Pyeongtaek) and Farm B (Yeoju) was 184 g/1100 mL and 178 g/850 mL, respectively. With regard to the physical properties of fruit bodies, the springiness, cohesiveness, gumminess, and brittleness of stipe tissue were 80%, 57%, 720 g, and 57 kg, respectively. These values were lower than those of the control (‘Miso’). To test the shelf life, the fruit bodies were wrapped with antifogging film and stored at 4 °C for 28 days and then at room temperature for 4 days; such conditions were sufficient for maintaining edibility.


서 론
재료 및 방법
결과 및 고찰
재배 및 형태적 특성
생산력 검정
물리적 특성
저장성 조사
DNA 다형성 분석
적 요


  • 최종인 Jong In Choi. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소
  • 이윤혜 Yun Hae Lee. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소
  • 전대훈 Dae Hoon Jeon. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소
  • 권희민 Hee Min Gwon. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소
  • 이용선 Yong Seon Lee. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소
  • 이영순 Young Sun Lee. 경기도농업기술원 버섯연구소


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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