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지역 약사의 자발적 부작용 보고에 대한 인식 및 태도와 영향요인 조사 : 설문조사 결과를 중심으로


Investigation on Perceptions, Attitudes, and Contributing Factors to Spontaneous Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting among Community Pharmacists : Results from a Web-based Survey

이모세, 최아형, 장보현, 김나영, 이정민, 신주영, 전하림

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Objective: To examine the perceptions and attitudes toward spontaneous adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting system among community pharmacists and identify factors that influence reporting, by implementing a survey. Methods: A structured questionnaire was developed and distributed online. Request for the survey was posted on the website of pharmacy’s billing program, and the survey was conducted for 8 days. We collected the participants’ response on their work environment, experience of ADR reporting, and their perception and attitude on the reporting system. Multivariate logistic regression was used to evaluate factors influencing ADR reporting. Results: A total of 382 pharmacists participated in the survey. Significant contributing factors for reporting level were age (odds ratio [OR], 0.90; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.84-0.96), knowledge of reporting method (OR, 53.56; 95% CI, 9.10-315.41), installation of reporting program (OR, 31.92; 95% CI, 4.16-244.75), and encouragement from the Korean pharmaceutical association (OR, 4.13; 95% CI, 1.11-15.35). Regarding the attitude toward spontaneous ADR reporting system, ‘lack of time for reporting’ (OR, 0.29; 95% CI, 0.15-0.53) and ‘complexity of reporting procedure’ (OR, 0.51; 95% CI, 0.31-0.84), were associated with a low likelihood of reporting. Conclusion: Our results indicated that the knowledge of ADR reporting method, installation of the reporting program, and encouragement from the Korean Pharmaceutical Association contribute to active reporting. It is necessary to simplify the reporting method, make the ADR reporting program user-friendly, and provide educational interventions to increase participation in spontaneous reporting by the community pharmacists.


연구 설계
설문지 개발
연구 결과
인구통계학적 특징 및 근무환경 응답 현황
부작용 보고제도 인식 응답 현황
부작용 보고의 장애요인이 될 수 있는 태도 응답 현황
부작용 보고에 영향을 미치는 요인 파악을 위한 로지스틱회귀분석
고찰 및 결론
감사의 말씀


  • 이모세 Mo-Se Lee. 대한약사회 지역의약품 안전센터, 성균관대학교 약학대학
  • 최아형 Ah-Hyung Choi. 성균관대학교 약학대학
  • 장보현 Bo-Hyun Jang. 대한약사회 지역의약품 안전센터
  • 김나영 Na-Young Kim. 대한약사회 지역의약품 안전센터
  • 이정민 Jung-Min Lee. 대한약사회 지역의약품 안전센터
  • 신주영 Ju-Young Shin. 성균관대학교 약학대학
  • 전하림 Ha-Lim Jeon. 성균관대학교 약학대학


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