지속가능경영을 위한 ISO 요구사항 기반 정량적 협력업체 평가모델 구축 _반도체 공정에 한하여


Based on ISO Requirements for Sustainability Management Establishment of Evaluation Model for Supplier _ Only for Semiconductor Processes

유제영, 이익모, 황용우, 김영운

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The government announced that it would ask the contractors not only the supplier but also the contractors to take the same responsibilities if they did not observe industrial accident safety measures from 2019. The semiconductor manufacturing process belongs to the representative disaster industry group in which the facility is directly located inside a closed space called clean room. According to previous studies, the semiconductor industry group used checklists for safety management of their suppliers. This study has developed a model for assessing suppliers by constructing a quantitative checklist item through the risk assessment methodology, laws and regulations. The evaluation model of the supplier set up through this study becomes the safety management standard in the semiconductor industry .Furthermore, it is applied to the partner companies in the operation of ISO 14001, 45001, I would like to apply it as a measure of performance management for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).


1. 서론
2. 문헌연구
2.1 선행연구 고찰
2.2 새 정부의 중대 산업재해 예방대책
2.3 반도체 산업측면
2.4 ISO 경영시스템 및 지속가능경영 측면
3. 연구방법
3.1 연구방법 개요 및 범위
3.2 정량적 협력업체 평가모델(R*) 구축
4. 연구결론
4.1 정량적 협력업체 평가모델(R*)
4.2 정량적 협력업체 평가모델(R*)의 실효성 파악
5. 결론
6. References


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