초등교원 양성기관의 실과교육과정 변천 및 분석


Analysis and Transition of Practical Arts Curriculum in Elementary Teachers’ University


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The purpose of this study was to find out the improvement orientation of practical arts curriculum in order to present the direction for the composition of practical arts curriculum in knowledge based society.This study results are as follows:1) Only information science scope is opened by a required subject in the liberal arts course, but must show our continuous interest and enthusiasm so that the domestic science, the technology science and the agriculture science scope become the center of practical arts curriculum are opened.2) The effort that we must gradually open the subject related to the environmental education and the course education scope is necessary.3) It must be operated organization in the direction that organization and operation of practical arts curriculum in university of education are reorganized in a direction to meet in connected educational field demand and times, and raise a specialty of the teaching profession.


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