Поиск эффективных методов для занятий по тандему в корейской аудитории


Search for effective methods of tandem classes outside the class for the Korean audience

한국 학생들을 위한 비교과 러시아어 탄뎀 수업의 효율적인 방안 모색

дже хиок ли

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The tandem project is an additional effective method in learning Russian as a foreign language. This form of work is very useful for students of the middle stage of education, as it allows to significantly expand the existing vocabulary, to activate the basic speech skills of students and to deepen their knowledge of the Russian language and culture. The free form of dialogue and polylogue, which is the basis of the tandem, a friendly atmosphere that unites representatives of the two cultures, Russian and Korean, are most close to communication in real language conditions. Interest in the country and culture of the language helps unprepared Dialogic and monologic speech of students on topical issues of social-cultural communication and increases motivation for further study of the Russian language and culture. This form of teaching foreign languages must be used as an additional component of the educational process aimed at mastering the language as a means of communication with representatives of another culture. The main method of work was a communicative method, which involves the approach of classes in a non-linguistic environment as close as possible to the language, creating a friendly atmosphere, when students are not afraid to speak a foreign language, forget about mistakes and freely build a monologue statement, enter into a conversation with each other and the teacher. Consultation-tandem is an effective form of learning to speak in the middle stage. Free form of communication, friendly atmosphere outside the audience (in the cafe) brings to spontaneous communication in real life conditions. Tandem activates speech skills of students and improves their General educational and cultural level. Thus, in my opinion, this type of pedagogical work is an effective way to deepen language knowledge, development of communicative and country-specific competences and formation of intercultural communication skills of foreign students outside the language environment.


1. Предисловие
2. Специфика менталитета корейских студентов при обучении русскому языку и культуре
3. О методах уже применных на занятиях по тандему вне класса в течение прошлых семестров
4. О будущем тандем- проекта. Возможные изменения и поправкиметодики
5. заключение


  • дже хиок ли 이재혁. профессор русско-среднеазиаского отделения Пусанского университета иностранных язы ков


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