협동학습을 통한 영어읽기 과정에서 나타난 한국 대학생들의 독해전략


An Analysis of Korean College Students’ Reading Strategies during their Cooperative Reading Activity


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The purpose of this study is to analyze students’ reading strategies during their reading activity. Twelve college students participated, and they were divided into four groups based on the achievement test: high level groups (group 1 and 2) and low level groups (group 3 and 4). Data were gathered by three different methods: an informal interview, transcripts of students’ discourse and the researcher’s log. Students’ verbal interactions were tape-recorded and analyzed. It has been found that students 1) performed initial negotiations for the task and subsequent adjustments for more active group discussion, 2) read the text (oral reading), translated the text, and questioned problems on the task and negotiated differences of opinions, 3) asked meaning, structures, and background knowledge of unknown sentences, and 4) made procedural suggestions for the next activity steps: a few differences have been found in reading strategies among the four groups. Instructional implications for effective cooperative reading activity were discussed.


 1. 연구의 목적 및 필요성
 2. 이론적 배경
  2.1 협동학습
  2.2 독해전략(Reading Strategies)
  2.3 선행연구
 3. 연구방법
  3.1 연구대상
  3.2 수업의 절차
  3.3 자료의 종류
  3.4 자료의 분석
 4. 분석의 결과
  4.1 협동학습시에 나타난 각 그룹들의 특징
  4.2 협동학습시에 나타난 학생들의 독해전략
 5. 결론 및 제언


  • 홍순태 Hong, Soon tae. 상지대학교


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