한국계 미국 청소년문학에 나타난 폭력과 권력의 역학관계 : 안 나와 마리 리의 소설을 중심으로


Dynamics of Violence and Power in Korean American Young Adult Novels : Focusing on the Novels of An Na and Marie G. Lee


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This paper examines the dynamics of violence and power represented in An Na’s A Step from Heaven, Marie G. Lee’s Finding My Voice and Necessary Roughness. I focus on A Step from Heaven to explore the domestic violence and on Finding My Voice and Necessary Roughness to discuss school violence. The first section of this paper explores the various aspects of domestic violence that the patriarchal and authoritative Korean American immigrant father exerted on his daughter YoungJu, the main character of An Na’s A Step from Heaven. I attempt to trace YoungJu’s reaction to the awful violence as a victim and a witness, and then analyze how she successfully developed her emerging subjectivity and her power to rise above the trauma. In the second section, this paper examines how the racialism by white people creates a context for the verbal and physical violence for Ellen and Chan, Lee’s Korean American protagonists, in their school. This section also analyzes how the violence that Ellen and Chan experienced is related to the power structures operating inside and outside school.


I. 한국계 청소년문학과 폭력
 II. 안 나의 『천국에서 한 계단』에 나타난 가정폭력과 청소년의 부상하는 권력
 III. 리의 『내 목소리를 찾아서』와 『필연적인 과격함』에 나타난 학교폭력과 권력의 역학관계
 IV. 결론
 Works Cited


  • 정은숙 Jeong, Eunsook. 중앙대학교


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