「自分自身」に関する一考察 -二人称代名詞との使い分けを中心に-


「자분자신」に관する일고찰 -이인칭대명사との사い분けを중심に-


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This paper studies how to distinguishingly use Zibun-Zisin and Zisin (second person pronoun). For the purpose, first examples are extracted from the Corpus materials and classified in accordance with whether a speaker/target is a specific person, the combinations of which are then divided into four items. The figures tallied based on those four items go through discussions while an individual discussion is also conducted using a viewpoint theory and the meaning of Zibun-Zisin. No or few examples to use Zibun-Zisin are observed for an unspecific speaker, and for the combination of a specific speaker and a specific target, respectively. In this sense, it is surveyed in which case Zibun-Zisn appears. Consequently, it is affirmed that Zibun-Zisin appears when a speaker adjust his/her viewpoint to a target and when it is used in the same meaning as for body or essence. And it is also affirmed that a speaker should be possibly specified in order to adjust his/her viewpoint. Since the number of examples to use Zibun-Zisin from a second person’s viewpoint and Zibun (second person pronoun) is limited, however, it is necessary to conduct further studies.


1. 序論
 2. 本論
  2.1 先行研究
  2.2 考察の方法
  2.3 用例集計
  2.4 個別の考察
   2.4.1 特定の話し手と特定の話す対象
   2.4.2 特定の話し手と不特定の話す対象
   2.4.3 不特定の話し手
 3. 結論


  • 施山緑 시산록. 수원대학교 일어일문학과 조교수, 일본어학


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