서정인의 문학의식과 형식실험의 연속성


A Study on the literacy consciousness of Author Seo, Jung-in and continuity of his formal experiment


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Jung-in Seo is an author who always pursues communicating with readers in his works of novel, while the reality is contrary to that because of the complicatedness of the method of reading his novel. In order to understand this gap, it is necessary to figure out the literary consciousness of the author as he mentioned himself in the prologues of his works or essays. It is said that all elements of novel language are defined by subordinate stylistic units, narratives of main characters individualized by stylistics, ordinary stories of the storyteller, letters, etc. And, it means the text itself does not exist independently but interact with various external elements. This research examined the correlation between Seo’s literary consciousness and his reality of creation. The result showed that, first, his literary consciousness of pursuing communicating with the readers in his works is paradoxically contrary to the reality by his using formal experiment and the grammar of communication disturbance. Second, his linguistic consciousness of embodying our wriggling lives is given shape in his works by using the dialect of Jeolla Province and discourse style. Third, his continuous efforts of self-correction as an artist were focused on linguistic elements, such as tetrameter discourse and the dialect of Jeolla Province in his series of novel in the 1980s. But, it is identified that his recent works are focused on recreating a storyteller of the oral narrative as a character. What is problematic about the reality in the Jung-in Seo’s novel works is that his literary consciousness of pursuing “the communication with the readers” is contradicting with his “fact-oriented consciousness”, becoming the disturbance in communicating with the readers. In other words, his literary consciousness of attracting reader participation for the realization of the meaning of the text gave rise to the “communication disturbance grammar.” The author, nevertheless, firmly goes on his way regardless of the result of his experiment. As he said that doing an experiment means it is the first attempt and also the last one, Seo is focusing consistently on his creative principle of communicating with the readers by writing words that are alive, transcribing our stories realistically in the paper. In this way, he is promising to explore a new format in his new works. In addition, it is a fresh method in terms of the oral narrative that he is using the Jeolla Province dialect and tetrameter rhythm for expressing the orality of the traditional cultures, and employing the strategy of letting a character in the novel, similar to a storyteller in the past, expand the story of the novel.


Ⅰ. 머리말
 Ⅱ. 소통(疏通)과 독해지연
 Ⅲ. 삶의 기록과 불가능의 시도
 Ⅳ. 예술과 자기수정 노력
 Ⅴ. 맺음말


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