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조선조 시가 문학에 나타난 가족의 일상


Home Life and 'Allteglichkeit' Described Implicitly or Explicitly at Works of Sijo and Gasa


국문학회 국문학연구 제13호 2005.06 pp.83-99
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In the Joseon Sijo(시조) and Gasa(가사) literature led by author from Sarim(사림)
class 'Home life' is transposed into repeated life embodying the natural figure(normative order relationship) between a human being and the world.
The author's consciousness defined by this way has something in common with the sense that we have to retrieve the natural figure of existence and criticize the 'Allteglichkeit(everyday-ness)' of the public in the western modern philosophy. More deeply speaking, the discussion of the western modern philosophy is the core in the one of our medieval ages.
Undoubtedly in the Joseon Sijo and Gasa literature 'Home Iife' transposed through the feminine figure and voice had based on the consciousness of the life having the 'Allteglichkeitt and also we could confirm that there was the movement to deviate from the transposed home life. Against the male author's consciousness from Sarim class trying to give the value on the natural and essential life, the movement came from the consciousness that the life aspect having 'Allteglichkeit' which they dismisses as the valueless and meaningless thing in their home life is more valuable and meaningful.


1. 머리말
 2. 본성적 가족 사회 질서로 치환된 가족의 일상과 시족 문학
 3. 치환된 가족의 일상 뒤집기와 가사 문학
 4. 마무리


  • 임주탁 Yim, Ju-tak. 부산대


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