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고려가요 연구의 시각과 방법


Toward New and Adoptable Methods and Viewpoints to Goryeo--gayo Texts


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There is constant controversy concerning the theory of Goryeo-gayo, a Korean Middle Song. It comes from the difference of researchers's viewpoints and methods adopted to texts of Goryeo-gayo. So I investigated especially the notion that they are made of folksongs in the certain contexts and debated about its merits or demerits, because that notion has widely-adapted by researchers. Thus I found three problems; that the researchers have not examined real texts but examined imaginary ones, that they have neglected grammar of the lingual texts and that have not proved extra-lingual texts to the bottom. The problems resulted from uniting Popularism and New Criticism. With some results of researches concerning three problems, I proposed a meaningful and reasonal viewpoint and method for Goryeo-gayo and its texts. I wish that this paper should be helpful to arrive at conclusions by mutual agreement.


1. 서
 2. 고려가요에 대한 시각과 가설적 이해
 3. 고려가요 연구에 적용된 방법
 4. 결


  • 임주탁 Yim, Ju-tak. 부산대


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