사회적 관계에 관한 헨리 제임스의 견해 연구 —『데이지 밀러』를 중심으로—


A Study of Henry James’s View on Social Relation as Exemplified in Daisy Miller


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This paper aims to study Henry James’s view on social relation as exemplified in Daisy Miller, and to examine the process by which Daisy fails in building relationships with the people around her. In this work, James shows that an individual can develop the self through social relation, not through Emersonian asocial self-reliance. James reveals human beings’ inherent desire for intimacy through Daisy. Daisy wants to have intimate relationships with other people, particularly Winterbourne whom she loves. However, her desire for intimacy is frustrated by the instrumental perspective on human relationship represented by Mrs. Costello and Winterbourne in this work. Other than the instrumental perspective on human relationship, Daisy’s own idealistic attitude keeps her from building relationships. Daisy, who represents the idealism of Emerson in this work, refuses to accept the conventional culture of the European high society, which makes her to be an outcast. As a whole, this work demonstrates that James rejected the asocial vision of Emerson and claimed for the assimilation of human relationships.


I. 국제주제와 초월주의의 대립 양상
 II. 인간관계에 대한 도구적 관점의 비판
 III. 사회성을 무시하는 이상주의적 태도의 문제점
 IV. 맺음말


  • 이경화 Kyeong-Hwa Lee. 단국대


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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