문ㆍ이과 통합형 국어교육을 위한 한ㆍ일 국어교과서 제재 비교 연구


A Comparative Study of the national language textbooks in Korea and Japan for integrated education of liberal art and natural science; focused on non-literal passages from textbook

주현희, 채영희

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This study is to analyze biases of passages from each high school national language textbook between Korea and Japan and to give direction to the Korean textbook's new content for developing humanistic imagination as well as science technical creativity. For this, Korean language text book 󰡔High School Korean󰡕, and the Japanese language text book 󰡔國語綜合󰡕 were compared, focused on non-literal passages from each textbook. This study found the passages from non-literal subjects in Korean language textbook are weighted towards to human and social subjects than scientific and technical ones, compared with Japanese textbook. For relieving unequal distribution of the subjects on the Korean textbook, there needs to select proper subjects and to find some utilization plan for integrated education of liberal art and natural science. A knowledge and thinking of traditional interdisciplinary field has limit to creative thinking and true problem-solving. In addition, a new technology of twenty-first century requires amalgamative thinking in every area; IT, nanotechnology, science, humanities, arts and so on. Therefore, in order to meet this requirement development of an amalgamative subject curriculum which humanities, social science, natural science and arts mingle together is urgent. And this development of a new subject curriculum will materially contribute to cultivation global talent who can understand the world and inanimate nature generally and has ability to solve the problem at hand creatively.


1. 들어가기
 2. 한ㆍ일 고등학교 국어교과서 구성 비교
  2.1 한국 『고등국어 상, 하』대단원 구성
  2.2 일본 『국어종합』대단원 구성
 3. 한ㆍ일 고등학교 교과서 비문학지문 제재 비교분석
  3.1 한국 『고등국어 상, 하』비문학제재 분류와 내용
  3.2 일본 『국어종합』비문학제재 분류와 내용
 4. 문ㆍ이과 통합형 국어교육을 위한 제재 선정 방향
  4.1. 문ㆍ이과 통합 국어 교과서 내용 구성의 유형
  4.2. 문ㆍ이과 통합형 국어교육을 위한 교수-학습 내용
 5. 맺음말


  • 주현희 Ju, Hyeon-Hee. 부경대학교 국어국문학과 대학원 박사과정
  • 채영희 Chae, Young-Hee. 부경대학교 국어국문학과 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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