Effects of System Quality and Information Quality on the Use and Job Performance of an Enterprise Mobility Solution for a Mobile Office with a Consideration of Task Mobility and Task Interdependence as Control Variables


Sunjip Yim, Minsoo Shin

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In a dynamic business environment, the enterprise mobility solution for a mobile office (EMS) has been adopted to increase the competitive edge of organizations. By using an EMS, performance is expected to be enhanced. However, the related literature has paid little interest to the impact of system quality in an EMS on the information quality produced by the system. On the basis of socio-technical theory, we posited that the system quality in an EMS influences information quality. In addition, we investigated the relationships between the above two qualities, use and job performance by considering task mobility and task inter-dependence as control variables. Survey respondents were from many industries using EMSs. The result of structural equation modeling shows that system quality positively affects information quality, and other relation-ships in the model are proven statistically significant. We also found that system quality has stronger impacts on use and job performance than information quality does in EMS. However, system quality does not affect use in case both task mobility and task inter-dependence exist. The theoretical and practical implications of the result are discussed in the paper.


 Ⅰ. Introduction
 Ⅱ. Literature Review
  2.1 Enterprise Mobile Solution forMobile Office (EMS)
  2.2 Socio-Technical Approach
  2.3 IS Success Model
 Ⅲ. Theoretical Model andResearch Methodology
  3.1 Research Model and Hypotheses
  3.2 Variables and Items Measured
 4. Data Analysis and Results
  4.1 Data Collection
  4.2 Data Analysis and MeasurementModel Results
 Structural Model Results andDiscussion
 Ⅴ. Conclusions
  Survey Questionnaires


  • Sunjip Yim Ph.D. Candidate, Information Technology Management Dept., Graduate School, Hanyang University
  • Minsoo Shin Professor, School of Business, Hanyang University


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