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Damage Prevention Effect of Green Tea Seed Oil on Colored and Decolored Hair

민명자, 최문희, 김귀철, 신현재

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Stained and discolored hair will be damaged by the shampooing, daily UV disposal, and the use of hair dryer. Thus many studies about the effect of various natural substances on the re-secure the skin and scalp are recently reported. This study was carried out to investigate the effect of green tea (Camelloia sinensis) seed oil on colored (dyed) and decolored (bleached) hair. The beneficial effects of green tea seed oil are already well known, but little research has been done about the hair treatment and fade-resistant effect. Dyed and bleached hair was pretreated with green tea seed oil to determine the tensile strength and elongation of the hair, to analyze the hair surface using SEM, and to compare the color fade using spectrocolormeter. The results showed that the tensile strength increased with green tea seed oil pretreatment samples for virgin, dyed, and bleached hairs. Elongation showed the reverse results showing the presence of hair treatment effect. The results of the surface pre-treatment in all groups analyzed by SEM, the hair cuticle became sharper, so coating effect were identified with all samples. The value of the L*, a*, b* decreased with washed hairs damaged by UV irradiation and the values were decreased also in dyed and bleached hair. In summary, green tea seed oil prevent reinjury to the heat and UV rays for colored and decolored hairs. Cosmetic practice effects of the oil were identified in the field to be appropriate to the customer's skin and scalp that natural cosmetic oils would like to offer.


 1. 서론
 2. 재료 및 방법
  2.1. 녹차씨 오일 추출
  2.2. 시료 모발 및 트리트먼트
 3. 분석 방법
  3.1. 인장강도 및 신장율 측정
  3.2. 모발 큐티클 표면분석
  3.3. 모발의 광퇴색 (photo-yellowing)
  3.4. 자외선 인공조사
  3.5. 녹차씨 오일의 항산화능 조사 (DPPH/ABTS)
 4. 결과 및 고찰
  4.1. 녹차씨 오일의 지방산 분석결과
  4.2. 녹차씨 오일 처리군의 인장강도 및 신장율의 변화
  4.3. 녹차씨 오일 처리군의 큐티클 SEM 형태의 변화
  4.4. 열과 수세의 반복에 의한 모발 재손상·퇴색 비교
  4.5. 자외선에 의한 모발 퇴색 비교
  4.6. 녹차씨 오일의 항산화능 (DPPH/ABTS)
 5. 결론


  • 민명자 Myung-Ja Min. 조선대학교 생명화학공학과
  • 최문희 Moon-Hee Choi. 조선대학교 생명화학공학과
  • 김귀철 Gwui Cheol Kim. 전남나노바이오연구센터
  • 신현재 Hyun-Jae Shin. 조선대학교 생명화학공학과


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