1621년 조선ㆍ명 사절의 해로사행에 관한 실상과 평가


The Truth and Evaluation of Chosun(朝鮮) - Ming(明) Envoy’s Maritime Journey in 1621


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This thesis places an importance on studying exactly the matters of what were the painstaking efforts and arrangement provided by Joseon(朝鮮) and their role and achievement through investigating the first maritime envoy journey accidently done in the first half of 17thcentury. Joseon and Ming(明) China reopened Maritime route of envoy journey in 1621 because the inland route was blocked in the result of Houjin(後金; 淸)’s occupation of Liaodong peninsula. Joseon government exploited the first maritime route of envoy journey to make two Ming envoys Liu Hongxun(劉鴻訓) and Yang daoyin(楊道寅) return to China and to send Joseon envoys Choe Eungheo(崔應虛), An Gyeong(安璥), Kwon Jingi(權盡己) and Ryu Yeohang(柳 汝 恒) to China. Joseon government constructed two ships imminently for the convenience and safety of Ming envoys and mobilized many people to escort them and seamen to make a fleet in large scale which amount to 22 vessels. The maritime route was starting from Anjoo(安州) of Pyeongyang Province(平安道) through sea area of southern Liaodong(遼東) to Dengzhou(登州) of Shandong(山東). However, the fleet met with disaster in a large scale due to the lack of experience and unusual weather. Nine vessels were wrecked by a intense storm and they lost many people and many goods were damaged. Liu Hongxun, Choe Eungheo and Kwon Jingi escaped narrowly just before wrecking. Ming envoys felt confidence toward Joseon envoys who in charge of the journey more and more as maritime journey carried on. Some sense of community established among them. Humane trust among them provided a good opportunity to escape formal diplomatic attitude. On studying the truth of development of maritime route of envoy journey in the first half of 17thcentury, we realize that the role and the achievement in the side of Joseon were not evaluated properly which were hidden by Chinese criticism which overemphasized on the achievement of Ming envoys.


Ⅰ. 서론
 Ⅱ. 명 등극조사의 조선출사 배경과 행적
 Ⅲ. 조선 측의 해로송환 준비 과정
 Ⅳ. 조선 측의 해로송환 운항 과정
 Ⅴ. 結論


  • 박현규 Park, Hyun-Kyu. 순천향대학교 중어중문학과


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