≪겐지모노가타리(源氏物語)≫를 활용한 문화콘텐츠화 전략 연구 - 고전소설 ≪구운몽≫의 문화콘텐츠화를 모색하며 -


A Study on the Strategy of Cultural Contents Using ≪Genji Monogatary≫


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This article is about researching the strategy for One Source Multi Use(OSMU) utilizing ≪Genji Monogatary≫. OSMU is defined as the marketing activity, such as diversifying windows of one sousce, adapting genre, selling concerned products, and effect of creating a brand, for maximizing added value. ≪Genji Monogatary≫ is the Japanese classic novel who Murasaki-Shikibu wrote in 11th century. It is the most successful source content in strategy of OSMU. The story of the novel has been adapted as painting, movie, drama, musical, and animation etc. Also lots of products concerned this novel, such as the book of paintings, weekly magazine, museum, trump cards, and 'Genji's incense, are merchandised. Especially 'The Meseum of Genji Monogatary' in Uji-city is famous as a theme-tour course for readers of ≪Genji Monogatary≫. The OSMU of ≪Genji Monogatary≫ as a cultural content arise from the romantic story of lovers, double-faced theme and characters, lots of episodes which can use selectly. The Korean classic novel ≪A Nine Cloud Dream(Guunmong)≫ which Kim Man-jung wrote in 1867, is very similar to the story of ≪Genji Monogatary≫. It also described romantic love story between a man and eight women in noble families. But ≪A Nine Cloud Dream≫ is different from ≪Genji Monogatary≫ in being lots of episodes which lovers cheat each other for fun, and women characters who are positive and active. Because of these characteristics, ≪A Nine Cloud Dream≫ is a interesting and enjoyable source content which can adapt as modern cultural contents. In order to use ≪A Nine Cloud Dream≫ for OSMU, developing of new storytelling and bench marking of a successful strategy of ≪Genji Monogatary≫ are required.


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 Ⅱ. ≪겐지모노가타리≫를 활용한 문화콘텐츠 개발 및 성공 사례 분석
  1. 원천콘텐츠의 OSMU 사례
  2. 거점콘텐츠를 통한 OSMU 사례
 Ⅲ. ≪겐지모노가타리≫의 스토리텔링과 문화콘텐츠로서의 강점
  1. ≪겐지모노가타리≫의 스토리텔링 : 양면성의 미학
  2. OSMU 전략을 위한 문화콘텐츠로서의 강점
 Ⅳ. ≪구운몽≫의 원천콘텐츠로서의 장점과 문화콘텐츠 개발 방안
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  • 구수경 Koo, Soo-Kyung. 건양대학교 디지털콘텐츠학과 교수


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