그림언어를 통한 설교전달의 방법


The Methods of Sermon Communication through the Picture Language


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This thesis intended to grope the methods of sermon communication through the picture language. Because it is that this generation is deepening the skills of communication than ever in the past. This is that is result due to the various image mediums. These periodical changes are also demanding the method to communicate the Gospel. The picture never depart by people from past to present in the history. This is also caused by influence with it, It certainly need to do effort so as to apply to transmission of the sermon such a character. This thesis shows the effective methods to utilize in sermon communication through its understanding with cognition on a concept of picture language, and for this work, want to say the usefulness in the presentation of practice models those picture were concretely applied in the preaching. Besides, it was evolved how important to the preachers of the 21th century what is technology to create a most effective picture and the picture language for an identification between messenger and user from the level that themselves first of all have to perceive. Accordingly, it thinks that this thesis is able to help to bring the new recognition on the sermon of preachers.


I. 들어가는 글
 II. 펴는 글
  1. 그림언어의 개념
  2. 그림언어의 이해
  3. 그림언어의 인식
  4. 그림언어의 필요성
  5. 설교전달의 방법
  6. 사진을 이용한 실제 모델
 III. 나가는 글


  • 김양중 Kim, Yang Jung. 성결대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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