목표설정을 이용한 초등학교 체육수업 소외 학생의 자신감 향상 사례연구


A Case Study on Improving Confidence of Alienated Students Using Goal-Setting Technique in Elementary Physical Education Classes

유생열, 신형민

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The purpose of this study was to explore the possibility that goal setting technique can apply to physical education classes in elementary school. To select the research participants, an item from Carlson's Alienation from Physical Education was administered to 239 elementary school students in Inchon. The item was simply asking a question whether students like physical education classes. Twenty three students marked on 'I don't agree' or 'I don't agree very much'. In the second stage a physical self-efficacy scale was administered to those twenty three students. And three students who got the lowest scores in the scale were selected as research participants. The characteristics of the selected students were that their attitude to physical education was negative and they were not active in physical education classes. Before applying goal setting technique to the students, in-depth interview, participation observation, and personal diary were implemented. As expected, they were not happy with physical education classes. However, as goal setting technique applied to their physical education classes 3 times per week for 8 weeks, they showed positive attitude toward physical education classes, which was meaningful for students and physical educators. Using goal setting technique in physical education was effective in stimulating students' positive interests and improving students confidence.


I. 서론
 II. 연구방법
  1. 연구 대상
  2. 연구 절차
  3. 자료 수집
  4. 자료 분석 및 자료의 진실성
 III. 연구결과
  1. 목표설정이전의 연구 참여자의 체육수업참여태도
  2. 목표설정에 따른 자신감의 변화
 IV. 논의


  • 유생열 Yoo, Saeng-Leol. 경인교육대학교
  • 신형민 Shin, Hyung-Min. 경인교육대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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