국어교과학 연구의 방법 모색 - 수행적 이론의 개발을 중심으로


Looking for the Methodology of Korean Education Research Cocentrating on the Development of Performative Theory


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This paper aims to confirm the progress of methodology of Korean education research, by following the deeds of prof. Kim daehaeng􀅯s academical predecessors. Tne methodology of Korean education research he advocate have converged into the development of performative theory. The performative theory is prepared meaning as a matter of descriptive theory. He suggested that methodology of Korean education research as application study has to be different from that of Korean linguistics or Korean literature study which concentrates to a description and an actual proof, an analysis and an interpretation. By the way, I judged that there would be some question or misunderstanding in his statements. The question and the alternative is as follows ; ①What relation between performative theory and descriptive theory? In other words, can performative theory be replaced with or added to descriptive theory? ② The contents research of knowledge, experience, performance and attitude as ever isn't the jurisdiction of description theory? But if the contents research has been performed forward to plan or prescription, it will be able to be a performative theory. ③ The performative theory is effective only in the realm of educational method research or can be effective in the realm of educational contents research? The later will be right because a study cannot be completed without the study of educational method. ④ Is the main contents of each category arbitrary? Listening, speaking, reading, writing should be settled in both the category of experience and performance. ⑤ Is the concept of method is appropriate? The concept of method on the level of goal and that of aim should be distinguished.


I. 수행적 이론의 정체 확인
 II. 수행적 이론의 학문적 자장
 III. 몇 가지 쟁점
 IV. 마무리


  • 류수열 Ryu, Su-yeol. 한양대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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