텍스트 地平의 확대 - <動動>의 사례를 중심으로


Expansion of Text Horizon--Centering around Goryeo Sok-ga <Dong Dong>

텍스트 지평의 확대 - <동동>의 사례를 중심으로


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Selection and interpretation of text is a great part of research and teaching about classical literature. Selection of meaningful texts is a fact related to personal view or discretion. However, to get a part of text off and add an arbitrary interpretation is a matter disapproval to anyone. Because it is a harm or distortion of text, in addition a sort of violence to it. Until now, education of classical poetry in school especially Goryeo Sok-ga a sort of violence to text. Therefore, to reinterpret the text of Goryeo Sok-ga relating to whole context is expansion of text horizon, at the same time to emphasize the justifiability in recovery of substance. Until now, scholarly field or educational world has educated lyrical text , under the view that it is a poem. However, it is different from contemporary poems in that process of producing, writing, transmitting text is complicated. Until now from appeared time, it has been as a united text, and its artistic and cultural context has been continued to just pre-modern age. Nevertheless, the action disregarded the artistic factors of the neighboring fields is a root cause let them repeat the logical mistake in research or education of Goryeo Sok-ga like . The poetic grammar that a lyrical speaker sings love to its sweetheart with various expressions act as a context to lyrical text , and it made lyrical text as a more productive text, meeting a context Jeongjae as a combined form of music and dance. It is important to understand or accept the cultural atmosphere through reproduced Jeongjaes performed in Joseon Dynasty. If it does not go contrary to wishes, only the way to learn by experience the cultural complexity of complex text 􀅮Dong Dong􀅯, even related to the contemporary performing arts like musical, drama, or opera meeting easily nowadays.


I. 시작하는 말
 II. 교육과정과 고전시가교육의 현실
 III. 동동정재의 문화론적 의의
 IV. 맺음말


  • 조규익 Cho, Kyu-ick. 숭실대학교


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