장애인 재활운동으로써의 스포츠에서 자기관리, 인지된 경기력 및 장애인체육 지도자의 변혁적 리더십


The Transformational Leadership of Disabled Sports Coach and the Self-management and Perceived Performance of Athletes with Disabilities in Sports, Throughout Revitalization Movements


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This study is aimed to investigate the relationship of self-management, perceived performance, and the transformational leadership of disabled sports coach, which are made through revitalization movements. Throughout the preceding research, hypothesis model was set up: the performance of athletes with disabilities can be promoted through their self-management, and along with it, the transformational leadership of the disabled sports coach enhances their performance. This hypothesis model was verified to see whether it actually reflects the reality. The total number of disabled participants are 228, including 152 males and 71 females (age: 22~87, M=46.6, s=23.5), and they are either amputees or disabled people with a degree of disability 1~6. Five questions on transformational leadership and one question on self-management are eliminated because they are deficient in the required value of standardized regression weight. Both the modified transformation leadership (TLI= .904, CFI= .921, RMSEA= .064) and the model fit of self-management (TLI= .912, CFI= .940, RMSEA= .049) are acceptable since they are above the standard value, and the validity evidence based on internal structure and the reliability of internal consistency are also accepted. In addition, the variables of the transformational leadership and self-management are also accepted based on discrimination. As a result of path analysis of hypothesis model, the transformational leadership of the disabled sports coach and the individual self-management directly improves the disabled athletes' performances. Especially, the transformational leadership joined with self-management as mediator can improve their performances indirectly.


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  • 김태형 Kim, Tae-Hyung. 나사렛대학교


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