유표성 일반화와 한국어 관계절 습득의 관련성에 관한 연구


On the relation between the markedness generalization and the acquisition of Korean relative clauses.


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Although Keenan Comrie(1977)'s NPAH hypothesis is widely believed to predict the difficulty order of relative clauses(RCs) in SLA, most studies have been conducted on English(& European languages). So this study tests the NPAH's applicability to Korean language acquisition. The analysis of Chinese learners's speech corpus data(Study 1) and sentence combination production test(SCT: Study 2) results revealed that (a) learners used subject(SU) RCs more easier than direct object(DO) or oblique(OBL), (b) learners made strong association between SU and animate head nouns, DO/OBL and inanimate heads in speech corpus, but this tendency was not found on SCT(except SU). This study also dealt with (c) the different effects of formal instruction(PI & MOI), and (d) learners' ability to generalize their relativization knowledge to different types of RCs. Results of SCT revealed that (1) two types of instruction positively affected the rate of acquisition of RCs(PI=MOI). And (2) learners could generalize their relativization knowledge(DO) to another types(SU, OBL) equally.


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 2. NPAH 기반 관계절 습득 연구
  2.1. NPAH와 습득 난이에 관한 연구
  2.2. NAPH와 교수 효과에 관한 연구
  2.3. 방법상의 고려 사항 : 유생성
  2.4. 연구 문제
 3. 연구 과제 1: 학습자 말뭉치 분석
  3.1. 분류 기준 및 코딩 계획
  3.2. 말뭉치 분석 결과
 4. 연구 과제 2 : 실험 연구
  4.1. 실험 대상 및 방법
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  • 김창구 Kim, Chang-Goo. 신라대학교 한국어교육센터


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