Jean Paul Gaultier에 나타난 초현실주의 특성에 관한 연구


A study on Surrealism Expressed in Jean Paul Gaultier's works


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The surrealism art form comes from the world of unconsciousness. Based on its expression of the world of imaginary, it boldly demonstrates the arrangement and the forms of contradicted objects and the development of collage, montage, and protage techniques in the works which had a big influence on the growth of the modern art. The ideology and the modeling characteristics shown in the surrealism had various expressive forms and meanings in the modern compound expression and it grew out of the former standarlized forms and brought diversity and individuality based on the sensibility of the new avant-garde art form and showed great potential as it presented harmony in the multiple forms of art. The purpose of the research was to analyze the influences that were put on the surrealistic fashion art works and the works of the representative designer, Jean Paul Gotie. The characteristics of Jean Paul Gotie's surrealistic fashion comes from destruction, sexual image, and the mixture of heterogeneous. It is evident that the surrealistic fashion went beyond certain groups of avant-gardists' salvation of the world and were put to practice use, reaching out to the ordinary consumers. This was resulted from the revolutionary movement called, "anti-mode van fashion" led by Gotie. The surrealistic style will be led by various techniques and trends and developed through new characteristics in multiculture merged with various fashion styles.


 I. 서론
  1. 연구의 필요성 및 목적
  2. 연구의 방법과 범위
 II. 이론적 고찰
  1. 초현실주의의 개념 및 정의
  2. 초현실주의의 조형성과 형태적 특성
  3. 초현실주의의 표현기법
  4. 초현실주의의 대표적인 작가의 특성
  5. 초현실주의 영향의 패션
 III. 잘 폴 고티에의 작품 세계
 IV. 결론 및 제언


  • 조민정 Min Jung, Cho. 리앤풍 코리아


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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