부산 U-City 테스트베드 전원 인프라 구축에 관한 연구


A Study on Power Supply Infrastructure Construction of Pusan U-City Test bed

김정근, 백송훈

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This article describes power supply infrastructure construction methods which are considered from U-City infrastructure. For the existing city and town, it is one the issue to find an economic method to construct outside infrastructure including ubiquitous service device. Because the economic construction method could minimize the construction budget which cost big portion of U-City. And the power supply infrastructure is the fundamental layer to keep network and service layer stable. This paper suggests several ways to construct methods with keeping pre-constructed underground power cable by attaching inexpensive power nodal controller
working in Zigbee network and introduces how to monitor and manage the status of power supply to network and service device. Keywords: U-City, USN, Power Supply, Infrastructure, ELB


 I. 서론
 II. 부산 U-City 테스트베드 분석
  1. 서비스
  2. 사이트 분석
  3. 네트워크 구성
 III. 전원 인프라 구축방안
  1. 가로등 : 통신기반 제어기를 통한 상전 공급
  2. 가로등 : 타이머 제어기를 통한 상전 공급
  3. 신호등 활용시 주의점
  4. Zigbee/Wi-Fi기반 등주 제어기
 IV. 결론


  • 김정근 Jung-Geun Kim. KT인프라연구소
  • 백송훈 Song-Hun Baik. KT인프라연구소


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