Optimization of Extraction Conditions for the Antibacterial Activity by Clove against Streptococcus mutans Using Evolutionary Operation-Factorial Design Technique


Ung-Kyu Choi, Mi Hyang Kim, Dae-Jun Kwon, O-Jun Kwon, Nan-Hee Lee

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This study was conducted in order to elucidate the optimum conditions for the extraction of clove that can be used to elicit antibacterial activity against Streptococcus mutans using the evolutionary operation (EVOP)-factorial design technique. Higher antibacterial activity was achieved in a higher extraction temperature of 80oC (r=0.7983**) and in a longer extraction time of 26 hr (r=0.6867*). Antibacterial activity was not effected by differentiation of ethanol concentration in the extraction solvent (r= −0.0683). The maximum antibacterial activity of clove against S. mutans as determined by the EVOPfactorial design technique was obtained at an extraction temperature of 80oC, an extraction time of 26 hr and a 50% ethanol concentration. Furthermore, the population of S. mutans decreased from an initial concentration of 6.850 to 4.195 log CFU/mL
in the third set that is more than 2.6 log cycles by EVOP-factorial design technique.


 Materials and Methods
  Materials and microorganism
  Extraction of clove
  Evaluation of the antibacterial activity of clove on thein vitro cultured S. mutans
  Optimization of 3 variables by EVOP-based factorialtechnique
 Results and Discussion


  • Ung-Kyu Choi Department of Oriental Medicinal Food and Nutrition, Asia University
  • Mi Hyang Kim 2Department of Oriental Medicine Resources, Asia University
  • Dae-Jun Kwon Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Sangju National University
  • O-Jun Kwon Gyeongbuk Regional Innovation Agency
  • Nan-Hee Lee Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Catholic University of Daegu


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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