조음 음성 합성기 구현을 위한 성도 및 성대의 디지털 모델


Digital Models of Vocal Tract and Vocal Folds for Articulatory Speech Synthesizer


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It has been known that, theoretically, the best method to generate artificial speech is direct
modeling a human speech production system. Since articulatory synthesis models the human
vocal organs as precise as possible, it is potentially the most desirable method to produce
various words and languages. However, articulatory synthesis has been rarely realized,
because its computational load is considerably high and the progress is too much complex. This
paper proposes another type of an articulatory synthesizer and digital models for vocal tract and
vocal folds producing Korean vowel and continuous utterance. Positions of articulators are
extracted based on MRI data of Korean. Kelly-Lochbaum digital filter is used to implement
synthesizer based on the Mermelstein’s vocal tract model and two-mass vocal folds model.
Various timbre, length, stress and intonation are tested, and their results are presented. Singing a
song is finally realized based on these results.


 1. 들어가는 말
 2. 조음 음성 합성기의 전체구조
 3. 성대 모델
 4. 성도 모델
 5. 음성 신호 처리
 6. 실험 결과
  6.1 성대 변화 실험
  6.2 모음 생성 실험
  6.3 연속 발음과 노래 부르기 실험
 7. 맺음말


  • 이희승 Hui Sung Lee. 한국과학기술원


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