하인쯔 인수 펭클의 『내 유령 형의 기억들』연구: 디아스포라, 제국의 환유


A Study of Heinz Insu Fenkle's Memories of My Ghost Brother


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A Study of Heinz Insu Fenkle’s Memories of My Ghost BrotherSungran ChoIn this paper I discuss Heinz Insu Fenkle’s Memories of My Ghost Brother as the art from the contact zone of Korean-American culture clash in Kijichon, a Korean town of Pupyung, periphery to the American Army base. The text functions as “autoethnographical” text as Fenkl himself argues, first by representing the mixed-race children’s subjectivity from inside as opposed to portrayed (or erased) by others from outside and secondly by juxtaposing foregoing narrative plot with story-telling of Korean folklores.Significantly, the novel-literary memoir suggests different views of American Dream and offers literary questresurrectionand mourning for ghost brother and various other lonely ghosts which haunt history, and thus, the novel. The interstitial art which defies even demonstration of one genre in the end offers photographic, visual, as well as literary portrait of one compassionate child’s travails of melancholic growing up in the borderland of Korea/America. The interspersed reflection of the adult consciousness shows his maturity into an artist.


I. 치유로서의 글쓰기의 정치성
 II. 나의 유령 형
 III. 기지촌이라는 문화 접촉 지대와 제국의 시각
 IV. 엄마의 비밀과 미국의 꿈(들)


  • 조성란 Sungran Cho


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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