‘동양’혹은 ‘중국’이라는 이미지


Image called 'Orient' or 'China' - Hoyoung Lee


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The images on or of China don't always coincide with the reality of China. In fact, mostly not. Because the image of China as a representant par excellence of the Orient can be said as the Other of the Occident. The images of the China were produced, reproduced by the Occidentals and sometimes by the chinese themselves for some reasons. In the domain of film, we can see the living proof of this. In western films on China, We can even say that it was the western film on China that had made the images of the China today for the occidentals and sometimes even for the chinese ! The basic structure of chinese swordman movie is the return of the hero in that he returns for the revenge of his parents or master died in a conspiracy, in short, to reestablish the justice. This structure was reincarnated in the western film Star Wars by Lucas. We see the universal structure of the history in both sides of the Pacific, or rather, we should say the universalization of the chinese plot. And this can be hopefully interpreted as the very beginning of the meeting of the West and the East.


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