한국 록의 철학적 조건들 - 음악을 듣는 귀, 음악을 보는 눈


Philosophical Conditions of Korean Rock Music


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In these days, Music means sometimes and not rarely occidental music. Etymologically, it isn't wrong. But we can not identify the meaning or essence of something with its etymological, linguistic roots. Because simply this kind of argument is essentially based on linguistic, in other words, cultural hypothesis. Music is always and inevitably heard and perceived by some one. And this some one is not a (universal) Man, but a specific man or woman in a given culture and
time. The Music doesn't exist. There are only these and those musics. The philosophical conditions of Today's Korean Rock Music should be based on this fact. They are the conditioning and conditioned factors of aesthetic perceptions of Koreans today. In 70's, Back Nak-Cheong said, "the very national is the universal." Today, i'd like to add some remarks on this wisdom, "the very universal is the national." What is korean is what is human and universal because there is one factor which is universal that is human being.


1. 동대문구 이문동의 어느 국민학생이 ...
 2. 음악과 문화.
 3. 소리와 노래.
 4. 음악은 ...
 5. 보편과 제국 혹은 ‘해석’의 문제.
 6. 나는 서양을 어떻게 바라 보아야 하는가? - 나는 누구인가?
 7. 나는 왜 나를 아끼고 사랑해야 하는가? - ‘몸의 편함’
 8. 나의 땅, 우리 땅은 어디인가? - ‘신토불이’에 대해서
 9. 나는 너다(I am You) - 너의 길을 가라!


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