독일의 자연화장품(Naturkosmetik) 시장 및 인증시스템에 관한 연구


Regulation System and Market Status of German Natural Cosmetic(Neturkosmetik)

이성내, 임유성

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The purpose of the thesis is to make a systematic investigation on natural cosmetic (Naturkosmetik) of Germany. Specifically, growth background, regulation and attributes, certification system and market status of the natural cosmetic were investigated. The natural cosmetic refers to the cosmetic that were made not from chemicals but from natural materials and ought to be certified by BDIH. To be recognized as natural cosmetic, certified materials only e.g. spice, color, emulsifying agent and antiseptic in addition to natural matters should be used and also should be contained in environment-friendly vessels. Therefore, the natural cosmetic passed test is to be called certified natural cosmetic (kontrollierte Kosmetik) and has an implication that it secures stability and environment-friendliness in particular. Because of strict regulation system, the market for German natural cosmetic is not that big and being dominated by a small number of specialized corporations. Proactive role of the German authorities, consumer’s high level of consciousnessand autonomous regulation of concerned industry were assessed to have resulted in settlement of the certification system of natural cosmetic. Such cases in Germany can be said to become a good model for Korea market of natural cosmetic to settle and grow in future.


 1. 머리말
 2. 자연화장품 발달 배경
 3. 자연화장품의 규정 및 특성
 4. 자연화장품 인증 가이드 라인(Richtilinie Kontrollierte Naturkosmetik)
 5. 자연화장품 시장 분석
 6. 맺음말


  • 이성내 Lee, Sung-Nae. 경인여자대학 피부미용과
  • 임유성 Lim, You-Song. 경인여자대학 피부미용과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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