초현실주의를 응용한 헤어스타일 연구 - 현재 작품머리 중심으로 -


A Study on Surrealism Applied Hairstyles - Focused on modern Art Hairstyles

김주섭, 백선영, 강상모

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This study aims on illuminating the artistic value of hairstyles by analyzing the characteristics of surrealistic expressions for hairstyles after cognizing artistic hairstyles in modern hairstyles and understanding how surrealism was accepted and expressed in hairstyles, and observe surrealistic pieces in modern hairstyles based on understanding for surrealism brought by conversion of artistic conception. First I analyzed and made research of TV drama, dissertation, magazine, internet data, and documents related to hairstyles and hair pieces in graduation shows held in Beauty and Art department or beauty competitions, and for surrealistic expression techniques that appear in hairstyles through precedent studies related to artistic trend and hair. As they are more of hairstyles shown in hair pieces or shows rather than in actual lives and without many cases of surrealism applied on hairstyles, there were limits in many aspects but I analyzed and made research of hairstyles that showed characteristics of surrealism through precedent dissertations related to the artistic trend. In conclusion, surrealism technique, especially the concepts and techniques of collage and objet are used to express hairstyles using many materials such as cloth, wire, leaf, and cotton on the head sometimes through overlapping, which mainly appears as hair pieces in graduation shows of Art and Beauty departments showing diversity of material


 I. 서론
  1. 연구의 목적과 의의
  2. 연구의 방법과 범위
 II. 이론적 고찰
  2-1. 초현실주의 개념
  2-2. 초현실주의 표현방법
  2-3. 초현실주의 패션의 표현
 III. 초현실주의를 응용한 헤어스타일 분석
  3-1. 초현실주의가 헤어에 미친 영향
  3-2. 초현실주의 헤어스타일 표현
 IV. 결론


  • 김주섭 Kim, Ju-Seub. 건국대학교 일반대학원 생물공학과 향장생물전공
  • 백선영 Paik, sun-young. 건국대학교 생물공학과
  • 강상모 Kang, Sang-Mo. 건국대학교 생물공학과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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