현대 패션에 나타난 해체주의적 슈즈디자인의 특성


Characteristic Analysis of the Deconstructive Shoes Design in Modern Fashion


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The Purpose of this study is to investigate the characteristic analysis of the deconstructive shoes l structure which is pursuing distintion and diversity through ceaseles changes. Under these situation, various forms of shoes design are posible by reinterpretation of existing meanings through the cAs a result, there are thre characteristics of deconstructive shoes design as folows;1. Intertextuality, in which a text is not alone, but with others, expressed as sex, texture and diferent styles of shoes design. 2. Difrance which is a concept of the diference in time and space as being trace in shoes design.3. DisㆍDe phenomenon, in which distortion and fragmentation forms occur as result of the denial of perfection in shoes design.s a significant meaning by means of theoretical basis of this study. This is to say, through deconstructing general form of shoes design and developing new forms of contemporary shoes design. The trend of decomstruction in modern fashion given the new possibility of shoes design.


 I. 서론
 II. 해체주의(Deconstruction)의 이론적 배경
  1. 해체주의 형성배경 및 개념
  2. 해제주의 디자인의 특성
  3. 디자인에 표현된 해체주의 양식
 III. 슈즈디자인에 나타나는 해체주의적 특성
  1. 상호 텍스트성
  2. 차연
  3. DisㆍDe의 탈현상
 IV. 결론


  • 김선아 Kim, Sun-Ah. 혜천대학 코디네이션디자인계열 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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