고령자교용촉진 법제의 개선방안


An improvement of Employment Promotion for the Aged Act


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Korea has experienced very fast ageing society, and aged society will make blunt the growth of labor power, so labor power will decrease within 20-30 years. Fortunately, Korea already began to make preparation against aging society, and attribute importance to the development of policy to improve the environment of labor market.
Especially, through the enactment of 'Employment Promotion for the aged Act', Korea set up a scaffolding to enlarge job opportunities and steadily complement the act. Distinguishing characters of each nation's employment market must be reflected when the policies be adopted, but in some cases, invalid systems are made according to the establishment of unrighteous policy disregarding the nation finance and the reality of our society.
I think legal age aligned with Pension provision beginning age must be extended in phases and mandatory retirement system should be left in labor and management' self rule. Because mandatory retirement system goes in gear with wage system being fixed upon the agreement of parties. I think this system is reasonable.


I. 문제의 제기
 II. 고령자 고용촉진법의 현황
  1. 정년제
  2. 연령차별 금지법
 III. 고령자 고용 정책에 관한 주요국의 입법례
  1. 미국
  2. EU 제국
  3. 일본
 IV. 고령자고용촉진법제의 개선방안
  1. 고령자 고용정책 개선의 방향
  2. 정년제의 강행규정화에 관한 검토
  3. 연령차별 금지법의 도입방안
 V. 결론


  • 김진영 Kim, Jin-Young. 원광대학교 박사과정 수료


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