中世後期の家の妻の立場と役割 ー 室町期『狂言』を中心に ー


중세후기の가の처の립장と역할 ー 실정기『狂言』を중심に ー


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This thesis considers ordinary couple's situations, the institution of the family and
NOOROMACHIGI's aspect of the times in the middle age. Especially it examines on various features of EA's wives. Especially I'd rather look through wive's situations and features from each family than specific types.
First of all we can see a woman's image who support EA's family. EA's wives don't do exacting labor but their actions are seen justifiably due to their incompetent husbands. Because of a sense of economy husband centered, women having not independence deny that their stance reflect.
Next, is a manly mien. Tenderness has been considered as a women's symbol, but mainly mien and tenderness can't be denied as a new women's standard of value in this era. This assumes the form of smile but actually they can't take it.
The third is women's image which scolds their husbands. Their consciousness scolding their husbands has independence bearing ages and ordinary women's gentleness. Under the strong circumstances scolding their husbands, we can see women's dissatisfaction and anxiety from exacting labor which running their stores hard. Women during the war tallying with the lower dominating the upper in the midlle age and scolding their husbands is a feature of KWOGEN's wives.
The fourth is the women citing LENGA and LOE. KYUOGEN's wives having a high intellectual level are not rare. A woman citing LENGA and LOE can be affection interchange between men and wives but we should recognize observed literary culture from Middle age's ordinary women.


 1. 序論
 2. 中世の家と妻
 3. 作品中の妻たち
  1) 家を支える
  2) 賴もしさ
  3) 夫を責める
  4) 情緖と敎養
 4. 結論


  • 甘榮熙 감영희. 동명대학교 전임강사


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